A Strange Collection

by Patti King

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Recorded in Olympia, WA in the summer of 2007. Songs written by Patti King and arranged by Dave Jones, Kyleen King, and Patti King.


released June 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Patti King Portland, Oregon

In 1997, my father taught me how to play "Eight Days a Week" by the Beatles, and then the songwriting began. The hours spent in my room after school writing and drilling new songs allowed me to shape my style and vision. The songs come more slowly these days, but have grown greater in density. ... more

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Track Name: Never Going to Stop
We kill kill kill our enemies
Make them pay for injustice
Gag them with all our fears
Because the people put their trust in us

And it's never going to stop

We steal steal steal from our people
Feed them fucking frightening falsehoods
Stuff their brains with commercials
Now they believe that money makes them good

And it's never going to stop

We bathe bathe bathe in money
Brush our teeth with bristles of gold
All this waste produces a profit
So we make our homes wherever faith is sold

And we're never going to stop

We lie lie lie lie
We lie lie lie lie
And we're never going to stop
Track Name: Luckiest Girl in Kirksville
I'm the luckiest girl in Kirksville
'Cause I've got you whom I can give into
And you make me feel like I could be
A tree that grew from sincerity
You're a house of good built on heart, not wood
What did I do to be given you?

I'm the luckiest girl in Kirksville

Shower me
Suffocate me
With words
With thoughts
With lots and lots of you

Please don't go
I know, I know
Fate has a date
To criticize time
For being a fool
And for acting to cruel
All I need is to be close to you
Track Name: Great Decisions
Finding home gets
Harder every year
The endless search for
Love: the utter absence of fear

Well life will send us in directions
Which we can never understand
So we must make great decisions
To fly, fall, or land

We ask ourselves eternal questions
Then never grant ourselves a reply
Blindly ignore our skills of vision
Put our faith in they that lie

So we must make great decisions
To live, to sleep, or to die
Track Name: I Climb
The evening's almost done
This is the last song to be sung
The minutes are wandering away
An end to this lonely long day

Another wasted blink
And I'm too tired to think
I'd like to go somewhere and rest my head
But this road is all I have for bed

I climb
And I crawl
And I will blindly fall
Away from the world

Don't offer me your hand
Let me sink into this pit of sand
No kisses for the blisters on my feet
Oh 'cause my body enjoys the heat

And I climb
And I crawl
And I will blindly fall
Away from the world

Put away your star of hope
This misery is all I know
Keep your bullshit to yourself
I know I'm headed straight to hell

I climb
I crawl
And I will blindly fall
Away from the world
Track Name: We Only Meet at Night
We only meet at night

You know I love the moonlight
But don't make me wait for midnight
By then I will have lost my sight

I want to see you in the sunshine